1 – Services – All done on premises

  1. Glass Etching – Also known as sandblasting, a permanent process of marking glass.  Etching can be either deep or surface, resulting in a satin light grey image. Color fill of the etched image is an additional option.
  1. Pad Printing – Decorating cylindrical and odd shaped objects with ink (up to five colors).  The image is guaranteed up to 300 dishwash cycles for all drinkware.
  1. Embroidery – Full embroidery and digitizing services available on premises.  Available on all wareables and cloth products.  Multiple in-house embroidery heads have the production capability of up to 5000 garments a day.
  1. Screen Printing - A combination of plastisol and metallic inks combine to decorate textiles and fabrics.  High production capability allows jobs of all sizes to be completed in a timely manor.
  1. Engraving – The art of removing material by diamond or carbide tip cutting tools to create images.  Multiple computerized state of the art engraving machines allow metal and plastic engraving on both flat and cylindrical surfaces.
  1. Laser Engraving – The newest most technologically advanced CO2 lasers available.  Lasers decorate wood, plastic, coated metal, paper and acrylic products.  Multiple on premise lasers will professionally expedite your order through the system to meet all deadlines.
  1. Sublimation – The art of transferring four color process pictures, clipart or designed art to metal, porcelain, or poly saturated materials.  Products such as Mugs, Plaques, Mouse Mats, Clip Boards and T-Shirt are available.

2 – Artwork

  1. The artwork of choice is a vectored image in an eps format for a PC based computer.  All creative graphics and art department fees will be bill at $125.00 per hour.  There is no charge for the first paper proof on new orders.  Additional paper proofs are $5.00(V).

3 – Terms and conditions

  1. All orders will be shipped pre-paid until proper credit has been established FOB New York.  We accept Visa, MasterCard or certified check.  Once credit has been established, all orders under $5,000 will be billed at Net 15.  All orders over $5000 will be handled with a 1/3 upon placing the order, 1/3 on shipment and 1/3 Net15 regardless of credit.

4 – Production

  1. 5 to 10 working days upon approved paper proof or spec sample, subject to product availability.  Rush charges will apply for expedited orders.

5 – Samples

  1. All products are available as spec samples.  All spec samples must be ordered in the minimum master pack sets offered.  All spec samples will be memo-billed on EQP plus shipping.

6 - Trademarks

  1. Due to the nature of this industry, all liability for the proper use of a trademark rest with the customer.  We reserve the right to photograph or show as samples any item produces by us without any liability on our part as to trademark or artwork rights.

7 – Fulfillment

  1. There is a $2.75(V) charge per package plus actual shipping costs, and special mailers, if applicable.  Labels and master list is to be supplied by customer in zip code sequence.

8 – Set Up Charges

  1. After approved art, the following setup will apply:
  1. Glass Etching: $85.00(V) per location
  2. Pad Printing: $140.00(V) per color
  3. Embroidery: $10.00(V) per 1000 stitches, minimum $40.00(V)
  4. Screen Printing: $30.00(V) screen charge per color
  5. Engraving: $50.00(V) per logo
  6. Laser Engraving: $55.00(V) per location
  7. Sublimation: $35.00(V) per location

9 – Personalization

-    Glass Etching: $5.00(V)

  • Pad Printing: $40.00(V)
  • Embroidery: $5.00(V)
  • Screen Printing: N/A (we recommend embroidery)
  • Engraving: $5.00(V)
  • Laser Engraving: $5.00(V)
  • Sublimation: $5.00(V)